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Nov 23 13

We Are Now Shaven

by whoalanske

That’s a wrap! The 2013 M4K growing season was a monstrous and monstrously hairy success! More than two dozen growers gave their all (razor included) toward raising money for in-need classrooms. To the tune of $70,000+.

That means that M4KSF went out as the Mustaches for Kids leaderboard champion. Which is a great feeling and one that is well-earned.

As Alex, Pierre, and Jon put the finishing touches on their final year as administrators, we want to encourage those who’ve always wanted to grow with us to do so next year — or to start your own chapter. Write to us at — especially if you want to head up the organization next year. For reals!

In the meantime, happy holidays and keep growing strong.

Nov 4 13


by whoalanske

The good people at have granted us a mighty double-your-donation code.

Simply enter M4K2013 in the promo box at checkout and you can instantly double your donation to in-need classrooms (up to $100). It’s a Christmas miracle! Uh… 7 weeks before Christmas.

Oct 17 13


by whoalanske

How are we doing? What are the staches looking like? Keep up with us by tracking our weekly galleries here.

Oct 14 13


by whoalanske

Last week’s checkpoint challenge demanded growers write a mustache haiku to win a $200 stachepot prize (or, money that goes to their fundraising total). Congratulations to grower Kyle Pierce (pictured here, strangely, without facial hair) for writing this bad boy, which was deemed the favorite of the night.

No time to grow a
Fu Manchu; resorted to
Pipes for my Horseshoe

Oct 14 13


by whoalanske

How are the growers doing after two weeks? These photos say it all. Maybe.

Oct 2 13


by whoalanske

Gentlemen, start your staches!

The Indianapostache 500 known as “Mustaches for Kids SF” begins today. That means it’s CLEAN SHAVE DAY for all our growers, and your chance to begin making tax deductable donations to their ‘staches (benefitting

OR if you’re feeling particularly sporty, you can also REGISTER to grow with us. There is still time and we’d love to have you and your tenacious follicles join the cause and help make a difference with us.

Sep 25 13


by whoalanske

By that we mean, a journey to fame, glory, and good citizenship, powered by hairs that grow above the upper lip! What did you think we meant?

Mustaches for Kids San Francisco is back for our 12th straight season of raising funds for kids-in-need. Specifically, students and teachers in deserving classrooms via the good people at

Our official growing season begins Wednesday, October 2! We’ll be meeting up at 7:30 pm at Cassanova Lounge (527 Valencia St. between 16th and 17th) in SF’s Mission District to give rad dudes who want to grow the low down on this growing season.

We hope you’ll want to pitch in and make a difference for the kids by doing the simplest thing possible for a guy to do: not shave for a month.

Register at the link above and the glory will soon be yours. And ask us any questions you got at Thanks!

Nov 4 12


by whoalanske

Crown? Wait a second. It’s a trophy. But it does bestow the earner a certain regal air. It’s the big prize of the contest — the ‘Sweetest ‘Stache of the Bash’ award.

Get thee to the Rickshaw Stop (155 Fell Street), tomorrow at 7:30 PM to see who will take it home this year. And while you’re at it, enjoy the Guinness Foam Retention test, the poetry, the pageantry, the special guest judges, the hosting gusto of Pierre Stroud and Jon Wolanske, and so much more. Admission is a sliding scale $5-20 and all the proceeds go to

Nov 2 12


by whoalanske

Grower Marc Vogl grew with us many years ago, took some time off, went to grad school, got married, had a kid, and now he’s back again this year, and we couldn’t be more pumped. His wife? Ehh… not so pumped. But still, he sat down for a Q+A with us to share his insights into growing strong when you haven’t been growing (for a) long (time).

Marc, you’re back in the competition this year after a few years off. What was your mustache up to during the break?

My stache took some time off to pursue some side projects – ghost writing a book with Andre Agassi, helping Branson reintroduce lemurs to Necker Island, learning to cook with a convection oven – you know, keeping life interesting when not attached to my face.

We’ve heard your lovely wife is not the biggest fan of your mustache. How do you keep things copacetic on the home front?

That’s what the prenup is for.

Any growing/fundraising strategies you’ve adopted that have proved to be successful? Unsuccessful?

In both cases grooming is critical. I’ve been rewarded for trimming unruly whiskers and hand-curating my Gmail contact list when it comes to hitting up friends and family to kick down for M4K.

Are there any particular growing projects on your page that you think are extra cool?

I think there is one that has to do with sea turtles that’s pretty cool. Honestly, I don’t pay attention to that stuff, I’m focused on keeping uninvited hair out of my nose.

Who do you see as your biggest competition heading into Sunday’s ‘Stache Bash?

I got to be honest, Hurricane Sandy gave me pause. I think I can handle the on-stage competition but if a category 5 storm surge dumps the Pacific ocean on my stache at the Rickshaw Stop that could negatively impact my performance…and my dry cleaning bill!

And lastly, if you’re mustache were a breakfast cereal, which cereal would it be and why?

Aritos Sabor Miel – because much like this crunchy and delicious morning treat my mustache also captures 90% of the market in Argentina.

Give to Marc’s ‘stache by visiting his grower page

And come cheer him on at ‘Stache Bash this Sunday night at 7:30 pm at the Rickshaw Stop (155 Fell Street in SF). All money raised goes to

Nov 1 12


by whoalanske

Alex Estrovitz is typically a man of few words. But man, does he make those few words count. He’s the muscle and the soul behind the San Francisco chapter, and he was the chapter’s very first ‘Stache Bash grand champ way back in… uh… when was the first ‘Stache Bash? No one quite knows. But he reigned supreme! In some ways, he still does. 

Alex, when did you grow your first Mustache for Kids?

I’m hairily certain it was in the fall of 2002: I got roped into what I think was the inaugural SF season by Mitch Goldman.  The following year, Mitch asked me to take over when he left for NY.

You were the very first SF champion. Do you have any recollections of your costume? Or anything that happened that night?

Wow, that was quite a night. As I remember it, my strategy was a surprise reveal: I tried to look the part of a Longshoreman or Merchant Marine. I wore a high turtleneck and a beany (I really have no idea if that’s how these groups dress, but that’s the image I had in mind).  When it was my turn to meet the audience, I tore off the beany to reveal a shaved head, I had A LOT more hair at the time, and so it was a startling change for the crowd.  My shaved pate and high turtleneck really worked to frame my mustache.

Why have you stayed involved for so many years? You’re one helluva organizer!

Thank you.  In addition to the fact that I really like the camaraderie we’ve built over the years.  It’s also very rewarding to help out others, especially now that were teamed up with DC, the bang/buck ratio is incredible and directly evidenced in thank you letters.  I think we’ve raised close to ½ a million dollars over the years, which is staggering when you consider that it’s just a mustache.

Any particular favorite high-lights from all ‘Stache Bashes past?

There are so many, every year I’m surprised by the growers’ panache and brass balls of commitment.

Let’s think:

-Mustaches used to be outlandishly un-cool, I kinda wish that was still the case.

-Chewbacca leveled a Guinness smooth and fast and uttered no intelligible words all night.

-Uncle Paul.

-The kissing booths didn’t really work out for us the way we’d hoped. (but, they worked out for some)

-The burlesque acts we used in between rounds for a couple years were fun and slightly inappropriate.

-The Magic that was the Three Mustacheers remains unparalleled:  Wade, Gabe, and Ahmed were a force to be reckoned with and I miss them!

-One year a Grower recited a limerick instead of a Haiku, the Judges had a field day with that…. awesome.

-Some tall guy in a string bikini.

Any projects on your growing page that you have particular heart for?

I’ve got a 3.5 year old, so the play to learn project hit home:

Lastly, if your mustache were a superhero, what would his super power be? 

Retaining massive quantities of beer.


Support Alex’s mustache by visiting his page here.

And come see the magic he works at ‘Stache Bash, this Sunday, Nov 4 at 7:30 PM at the Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell Street in San Francisco. $5 at the door – proceeds benefitting